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Getting angry over an injustice or when you have hurt feelings is a natural reaction, but a loss of control can have serious consequences. If you're worried about your temper, SpotLyte Behavioral Health can help with anger management therapy. At their office in Downingtown, the skilled team members show you how to express your feelings appropriately. Learn to manage your anger by calling the SpotLyte Behavioral Health office nearest you today or book an appointment online.

Anger Management Q & A

What is anger management?

Anger is an immensely powerful emotion that arises when you feel hurt, frustrated, or disappointed. It's normal and even healthy to feel anger at times, and it can be a source of motivation. However, letting anger take over can lead to violence and loss of control that could be harmful to you and those around you.

Anger management is a skill that helps you understand your anger, recognize when it's becoming a problem, and learn how to either channel it toward something positive or regain calm and control.

Managing anger doesn't mean suppressing it; anger that bubbles under the surface and becomes a chronic issue can cause problems such as:

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Distorted thinking and behavior patterns
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Headaches
  • Skin disorders
  • Digestive problems
  • Anxiety and depression

Anger management provides you with the tools you need to express your anger appropriately instead of bottling it up or losing your temper.

What techniques does anger management use?

There are several techniques used in anger management, including:

Breathing exercises

Slowing your breathing down, breathing deeply, and using breathing exercises from disciplines like yoga can all help to calm you when you feel angry.

Calming thoughts

Having a word or phrase that you can repeat to yourself when you feel anger taking over may interrupt the building rage. Simply repeating “keep calm” or a similar phrase can help, or you might like to memorize a poem to say to yourself.


Another way of switching from anger to calm is to give your mind something else to think about. It could be anything that takes concentration, from listing United States presidents in your head to thinking of all the words you know beginning with a certain letter.

How do therapists help with anger management?

The therapists at SpotLyte Behavioral Health are trained and certified in aggression replacement therapy (ART). They work with you to develop effective tactics for altering your thinking and behavior when you feel angry.

One key approach is to learn how to be assertive. Very often, anger spirals out of control because you feel unable to express your needs and feelings; understanding how to assert yourself is invaluable for giving you the ability to make your point without getting angry.

Your therapist at SpotLyte Behavioral Health can also recognize when you might benefit from medication and when you may have disorders like depression or anxiety that make anger harder to manage. 

The team works closely with your primary care provider to ensure you receive the holistic care you need.

For expert help with your anger management issues, call SpotLyte Behavioral Health or book an appointment online today.